Business continuity and support role (Windows, AWS, O365), 1 day/week

  • Royal Society of Biology
  • Remote mostly, occasional visits to London office
  • Oct 05, 2022
Contractor Information Technology Windows Desktop Support Technical Support Part Time IT

Job Description

1 day/week, for indefinite duration. £400-£500/day incl., depending on demonstrated expertise.
Reports to the Director of Technology.

Key tasks in this role:

(1) Developing and maintaining in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of our core business systems and services as part of our business continuity plan – being there if the Director of Technology is unavailable.

(2) Providing some general application and user support for our day-to-day operations, for our extensive in-house developed suite of cloud bases applications and platforms. This involves helping to support users and respond to some support queries.

The main focus of this role is really on the business continuity aspect. As such, it may at first sight be a bit strange that we specifically also want this role to involve some user support tasks. We understand our prime target candidates probably don’t see themselves primarily as a user support person. However, we feel that, realistically, it would be impossible to step in at short notice without being properly familiar with the organisation, its people and its day-to-day concerns and workings.

Just for clarity, in this role the candidate will not be writing code for us or designing our solutions and they will therefore be expected to work within the operational and strategic vision as set out by the Director and with the systems and services we have. We want to be clear about these constraints to avoid any future disappointment or disagreement.

In this role, the candidate will most of the time be able to work from home/remotely, but will be required to attend our London office as required to carry out in-person or on-site duties and meetings occasionally.

Our systems and services make heavy (and increasing) use of the AWS cloud, including services such as EC2, SES, IAM, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront.

As stated above, a key part of the role is to become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the core business systems and services as part of our business continuity planning.

In terms of the skills, abilities and experience that we see as important for this role:

  • Substantial and proven experience in managing AWS resources, including EC2, S3, IAM, SES, Lambda, DynamoDB,…
  • Detailed understanding of the Windows environment, including desktop and server OS, Active Directory with Group Policy and Windows Server management.
  • In-depth understanding of core network technologies such as DHCP, DNS, RADIUS, …
  • Decent experience in managing Office365 email services.
  • A good grasp of good security and data protection practice.
  • Exposure to languages such as PHP, Javascript and node.js and decent expertise with MySQL databases is beneficial.
  • Some real-world experience with programming in the area of web/cloud applications would be an added benefit, but not an absolute requirement.

With regard to the sort of personality we are am looking for:

  • Someone friendly and good at engaging with people at all levels and in all functions.
  • Someone who communicates effectively and in a constructive manner.
  • Someone who operates at all times with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.
  • Someone who is organised and methodical.

The Royal Society of Biology is a single unified voice for biology: advising Government and influencing policy; advancing education and professional development; supporting our members, and engaging and encouraging public interest in the life sciences. The Society represents a diverse membership of individuals, learned societies and other organisations.

Individual members include practising scientists, students at all levels, professionals in academia, industry and education, and non-professionals with an interest in biology.

Our vision is of a world that understands the true value of biology and how it can contribute to improving life for all.

Our mission is to be the unifying voice for biology, to facilitate the promotion of new discoveries in biological science for national and international benefit, and to engage the wider public with our work.


IT Project Management, Computer-Electronics-Telecomm Install-Maintain-Repair, Computer-Network Security, Desktop Service and Support, Network and Server Administration


£400-£500/day incl., depending on demonstrated expertise.

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