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IT Technician Salary UK

The average IT technician salary in the UK ranges from £22,000 to £28000, although senior roles can earn even more. The average annual salary for this role is £25,000. However, there are many perks to being an IT technician. These benefits include a competitive salary, flexible working hours, and paid overtime. Listed below are some of the top benefits of being an IT technician, including their average salary and living expenses.

An IT technician’s salary can be highly variable and is dependent on many factors, including experience, qualifications, and location. Most IT technicians are salaried in the UK, but there are some extra benefits that you may enjoy. These can include a company car, pension plan, or even a bonus. The salary range can be higher for those with more experience. The average Senior IT technician’s annual pay is £38k, which is higher than the average UK wage.

An IT technician’s salary is not fixed. Typically, IT technicians earn an average of £26,800 a year or £1,800 a month. This is lower than the national average salary but is still well above the minimum wage in the UK. A starting wage of £16,800 is considered a reasonable rate for this job, but it will increase with experience. The average starting salary is around £16,800. In addition, those who are more experienced in the field can earn more than their younger counterparts.

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