How is the IT job market in UK right now?

The UK’s information technology sector is always changing to remain competitive in frontier technologies. It is a very dynamic market for qualified people in the United Kingdom. Information Technology is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the UK's economy. The UK IT industry is predicted to create more than 2 million new jobs by 2025. 

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is on the rise in the UK IT market. It also has a high demand for technology-related jobs, such as software development, technical support, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, and AI. 

PWC’s latest figures show that approximately 25% of staff in the UK would be leaving their jobs by the end of 204, which is a significant increase from last year (18%) However, various studies identify job satisfaction, work-life balance and career progress as motivators for employees planning to change their jobs. On the other hand, 35% of workers look for a new job primarily driven by salary and benefits. In the technology industry, 47% of employees are also interested in finding other jobs that will offer them better salaries. 


How long does it take to find a job in UK?

With all stages of your professional journey, finding a new job is a long and scary process. There is also that terrible tension of not knowing how long your search might take, whether you're a graduate ready for their first “grown-up” job, an established professional reaching toward the next step on the corporate ladder, someone with a new child looking or better work/life balance and those returning from as illness whatever it may be.

In most business settings, the recruitment process can take up so many weeks that, in some cases, they run to more than a month. Research by Glassdoor shows that it takes 4 months for an average candidate to find a job, and the duration of the interview process in the UK is 27.5 days on average. While this may seem dire, the timeline isn’t uniform throughout all industries and sectors, with some work being easier to find for those looking fast. This differs significantly based on the sector you want to work in.

Luckily, hiring managers know the price paid for long recruitment procedures. As the current studies show, 50% of professional candidates refuse to accept a job offer due to long hiring procedures as much as two-thirds (64%) of employers worldwide report losing talent for this reason.


Which month is best for job search in UK?

Usually, January to March is the best time to look for a job. During this time, many companies allocate their recruitment budget, people come back from their Christmas or New Year breaks, and hiring managers rush to fill in the vacancies that were paused due to holidays. Many companies also pay bonuses during this period, and people change jobs after getting their bonuses, creating more vacant positions.

There are still plenty of roles in the market in April and May, mostly due to the openings from January to March. However, during this time, the job market can get very competitive because there are more people applying for jobs, too. It is essential to review your CV and prepare well for your interview. Summer months are usually quiet. There are fewer vacancies compared to January or February, and fewer interviews will be held with hiring managers being on holiday.


Is the job board limited to specific locations in the UK?

The vast array of jobs available on job boards comes from various employers in different places and fields. The IT job board cover the whole of the UK. There are no city or region-specific job boards, but you can use location filters to find nearby vacancies. Therefore, by searching on a job board, you can effectively sort through the countless opportunities to identify the ones that suit your needs.

IT Job Board has a powerful search tool that allows you to find jobs as there are many easily. It is also very easy to find these listings using filters such as location, job type and industry and apply for jobs on the site.


Is my personal information secure on the IT job board?

Not all job boards are equal. Some may have weak security measures, very old listings, or even bogus employers. IT Job Board does not share your personal information with anyone. It is safe in our database within your personal profile.

You can decide how much your profile will be visible by searching through the IT Job Board. You may also decide not to make your name, contact information, or full resume available for public viewing. You can also choose not to receive emails, newsletters or updates from the site. It is recommended to check the privacy settings regularly and change them according to your own preferences. 

When filling out your profile or uploading your resume to a job board, remember the information you enter. You do not have to give your complete address, phone number, date of birth or social security number. You can also delete the references, salary history and personal pictures. Use a general job title and a summary instead of including your current employer’s name. Provide this information only when a real employer calls you.


How do I search for IT jobs on the platform?

If you are searching for a new job, the selection of the best tech job boards often becomes one of the initial steps in your way. Therefore, the best place to find tech jobs in the UK is an IT job board.

IT Job Board is the premier career site for technology professionals at all stages of their lives. Being a niche IT job board, it is very easy to find tech jobs on our platform. We have only tech jobs, and we help to find the ones that you really need. Individualise your search with the jobs that match your skills, needs and objectives. Seek businesses that fit well your career values.

You should have a tech-oriented position which unleashes your potential and enable you to grow at an organisation that matches well with your principles. Join the community of millions of tech professionals who find their best professional matches through the IT Job Board.


What should I include in my profile to attract employers?

Professional profile photo

A professional headshot can allow a recruiter to understand that you are very suitable for their company.

Captivating headline

A succinct and catchy headline can definitely capture a recruiter’s attention and prompt him or her to read all your qualifications.

Complete your profile

Provide your educational background, work history, and skills. Some important sections to fill in are education, certifications, languages, projects, and also volunteerism.

Briefly describe the employer

In discussing your work experience, you should briefly describe the employer, specify your main responsibilities or tasks and outline the key accomplishments in the position.


Can I upload multiple versions of my resume on the IT job board?

Yes, this is true. Using two different resumes when applying for jobs on the IT Job Board is alright because it gives an added advantage. Alternate resumes can be easily loaded to your candidate profile.

There is a big gap between tailoring your resume to match the specific position requirements of an employer and making different resumes for each application. If you are applying for multiple positions within different job niches, then there is a valid reason to have more than one resume.


Are there resources available to help me improve my resume or prepare for interviews?

Yes, there are valuable resources you can find on IT JOB BOARD that can guide you in resumes and interviews. Our career advice blog gives you career tips for IT professionals on resume writing and interview preparations. 


The topics covered in this blog include resume writing, interview tips, and also IT career trends. It includes many articles with practical advice on creating an engaging resume, effectively demonstrating your abilities and conducting a successful job interview. You are welcome to visit the IT Job Board blog to learn the information that will improve your resume and preparation for interviews as an IT professional.


Is my job search activity on the IT job board confidential?

Job search activity on the IT job board is deeply secretive. All the information and data you upload, such as your resume or profile details, are designed to be accessible to potential employers who are searching for candidates with skills & experience similar to yours. 

For a highly private job hunt, it is advisable to inspect the privacy settings thoroughly. It is usually possible to decide whether the profile should be public or private and also whether it should include the contact information. Never forget to always review and edit your privacy settings as per the requirement. However, if you worry about confidentiality, be careful about disclosing private information in other public forums or on your resume.