15 most in-demand and highest paying IT Jobs in the UK

Learn about the best careers that motivate to a great future in IT industry. We have the top picks that have huge demand in the UK and across the globe. Here’s the list of 15 careers that are in-demand and offer best perks in the IT industry as it grows on a day-to-day scale.

The 15 best IT careers for the future

Here are the in-demand jobs in IT with approximate average salaries at an entry level for each role:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

  • Average annual pay: £52,000

The world is witnessing great trends in terms of preference and knowledge in AI and ML currently. So are the job opportunities at a high pitch. These new technologies are becoming the emerging field of automation with minimal manual interference.

AI Engineers have been learning big data to train models across different languages involved in the IT industry. With the courses mastered in ML, prospects with enough knowledge in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology are on huge demand.

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2. Information Security Analyst

  • Average annual pay: £49,058

Data security in the present world is becoming critical. The roles involved by the Information Security Analyst covers the businesses carefully and let the breaches out of the way. They are one of the highest paying jobs UK while main role lies in safeguarding client’s data.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science would suffice the role to be carried. The major responsibilities involved are protecting information systems from cyber threats. Additionally, all the user data and sensitive company information is ensured to be secure.

3. Data Scientist

  • Average annual pay: £50,000

There are many companies and businesses collecting data each day. So, the compilation and other aspects including cleaning, and presenting data for organizations is done by a Data Scientist who has relevant skills in data science. There are huge numbers of job openings in Data Science at this point in time and also in the future.

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4. Software Engineer

  • Average annual pay: £38,000

Everything that’s developed in form of technology involves the work of a Software Engineer in highest paid IT jobs UK segment. All the devices including phones, laptops, tabs work on hardware, but on the other hand, it’s the software that’s developed in the gadgets for functioning.

A software engineer may be associated with different technologies in the IT industry. He/she is said to be designated with this role after acquiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or information technology courses.

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5. Computer Systems Analyst

  • Average annual pay: £30,000

Computer Systems Analysts are essential because technology changes rapidly. These professionals analyze computer systems for companies and perform updates to make systems more efficient. Computer systems analysts mark its presence on the list of best IT job due to high job satisfaction ratings and competitive pay.

6. IoT Engineers

  • Average annual pay: £62,106

Internet of Things (IoT) is the resonating term in the current world. Connecting your devices or electronics from anywhere remotely is nothing but IoT. Engineers involved with this new technology are those with one of the highest paying careers. Its reputation has been growing with technology growing all around.

7. Block chain Engineers

  • Average annual pay: £50,278

Blockchain Engineers are one of the most preferred careers with IT skills. According to research, there’s been a 517% increase in global demand for block chain engineers. This huge demand also comes with a very rewarding salary.

8. Computer Research Scientist

  • Average annual pay: £38,498

Computer Research Scientists leads at the forefront of technological innovation. These scientists in the IT Jobs research and discover new ways for driving progress in computer technology. The future for this profession has been increasing each year.

9. Data Analyst

  • Average annual pay: £35.000

The skills of analyzing data are the key for any business today. A large number of employers and recruiters are looking for workers with strong data analytics skills. The major role of a Data analyst is to skills at interpreting data. The roles include ensuring data accuracy and finding the best ways to use that data.

10. IT Manager

  • Average annual pay: £33,027

One of the highest paid roles in Tech Jobs is IT manager. He/she plays a vital role in management with descent knowledge on IT industry, especially in the area of specialization they are involved with.

They mainly focus on the information technology sector of a company. Planning and coordination is all this role covers. They look for ways to improve IT systems and are in charge of highly skilled technical teams.

11. Database Administrator

  • Average annual pay: £26,165

Database Administrators (DB Admin) is another role that is similar to data scientists. They work with large volumes of digital information and help clients manage data. They maintain databases and ensure that computer systems run as efficiently as possible. They handle all the works related to back-ups and recovery periodically or whenever necessary.

12. Web Developer

  • Average annual pay: £45,536

Web developers are of the roles that come under best paid jobs UK. With expertise in frameworks, programming languages, and design strategies; web developers build and maintain websites and applications.

Their focus also lies in making sure all text, video, images, and other design elements are aligned properly on the page. These roles are on the high-demand list and especially with the full stack developers being on the song.

13. Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Average annual pay: £32,548

Computer Hardware Engineers help in designing, building, and repairing the physical circuitry that makes computers work. These are the best IT support jobs that associate with the software resources working smoothly in the tech industry.

Computer hardware engineers who are popularly known as the hardware professionals are well-paid along with receiving similar benefits to that of a Software engineer.

14. App Developer

  • Average Salary: £29,058

The numbers of Smartphone usage in the UK speaks about how important an App Developer role is like. Approximately 79% of UK adults own a Smartphone and on average they spend 2 hours and 34 minutes each day.

You never can imagine a phone without apps. The necessities like shopping, gaming, and browsing have been growing. All such apps are made available with the App Developers innovating ideas on both iOS and Android.

15. DevOps Engineer

  • Average annual pay: £31,286

The major roles of DevOps engineers is to primarily work with the production of software, and oversee code releases to make sure everything goes smoothly. They need to identify the software inefficiency of software and rectify relevant errors.

Efficiency of the software is their major criteria while monitoring, troubleshooting, and editing or configuring the software. DevOps Engineers are on the list of the highest paying technology jobs in the UK.