Data Analyst Salaries in the UK: A Deep Dive into Salary Trends 2023

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, analysing and interpreting huge sets of data. They use various instruments and approaches to identify tendencies or patterns in data so that they can help organisations make better-informed decisions. This is one of the much-coveted professions in many fields and nations. But how much does a data scientist earn in the world? Let’s examine average salary information about data analysts from labour statistics to see how much they make. Although salary reports for data analysts differ, they suggest which professions pay the most and are in high demand.


One of the things that you need to consider if at all plan it become a data scientist for life is salary. Still, actual pay can vary depending on factors such as industry sectors, the size of an organisation and his/her experience level. In this scenario, we review how much data scientists can earn based on several metrics.


Average Salaries for a Data Analyst

An entry-level position for a data Analyst in the UK is around £28,750 on average. First roles for data analyst graduates average £29,00 Meanwhile, first-level postgraduate jobs with a starting salary without the grade evolves around to be about of£24. # The sector is growing rapidly, and data analysts are in high demand. After several years, the trend in compensating analysts working for a big company would be about £35,000.


After several years of experience, an average data analyst will receive about £ 60,000 as a salary, similar to that received by a field consultant. If you are not living in London, the company location will greatly influence your salary, even if working remotely is out of the question. Data analysts in the south of England enjoy better salaries compared to other places around the world. Larger cities tend to pay out larger salaries in the UK, but it is also likely that their cost of living will be higher than, say, rural areas. You have to calculate whether your current lifestyle can be supported by the salary insights provided by the company.


Data Analyst Salaries by Experience

Some of the most crucial factors determining salary scales are experience levels. As a rule, the longer you work as a data scientist, the more chances you have to be promoted to management positions. One of the main advantages of advancing to a higher place within an organisation is receiving a high salary. According to Glassdoor, the average data senior analyst salary is £47,761. That usually takes two to four years before reaching the next level. Accept the offer of a managerial position, and you can achieve more. According to sources at Glassdoor, Chief Data Officers in the UK earn around £ 102,873. 


Data Analyst Salaries by Industry

Data analytics is used in almost every industry to make better business decisions. The industry you are working in can affect your salary. The industries with the highest demand for data scientists are typically also those that pay, on average, one of the top incomes. Currently, with your recruitment of data scientists, business analytics, finance, sharing economy services, health care, and entertainment are the number one growing category. These industries’ jobs make up part of the 86,000 open data science vacancies found around the world.


Data Analyst Salaries by Location

As a data analyst, where you live can also greatly influence how much money you can make. Data scientists usually ask for higher salaries in larger cities like London, Manchester or Edinburgh. This also usually means higher maintenance costs. The three cities are among the eleven most expensive places in the UK. However, the workforce of an increasing number of companies is more than just scattered through different locations in one place. Still, globally (including remote workers), it becomes common for companies to award location-based compensation – payment based on whereabouts and not necessarily performance.


According to Glassdoor, here are the average salaries for data analyst jobs UK in the following major cities:


  1. London: £42,898
  2. Manchester: £34,402
  3. Liverpool: £32,499
  4. Glasgow: £33,162 
  5. Edinburgh: £37,258
  6. Birmingham: £34,593


What Do Data Analysts Do?

Every company generates a lot of data, representing a potential wealth of information, and needs data analysts to help them discover it. For example, determine the best-selling product lines by location or monitor customer activity trends by day and time. Data scientists are technical workers who use a combination of analytical skills, knowledge of programming and machine learning languages, and business understanding to perform statistical analysis on large amounts of data and draw actionable conclusions. Data analyst jobs UK can span a variety of specialities and industries. Collecting and processing data is only a small part of the work.


Types of Data Analysts

Data Analysts may sometimes specialise in an industry or field. With training to become a data analyst, you can choose from the following careers: Media Planner, Data Modeller, Business Analyst, HR Analyst and Financial Data analyst. So, when starting your career don’t be stressed that you should look for your niche from the start. One can take his or her career as a data scientist to the next level in various ways. For instance, interning as a data analyst to get an entry-level job. In this program, you will learn the basics of data analysis to find out those disciplines that interest you as far more. You will work on a data team with help from your manager, trainer and the Multiverse community.


How to Get a Data Analyst Job in the UK

You don't need a degree to get data analyst jobs UK. Consider training if you are a graduate or graduate looking to pursue a career in this field. A full-time salary of up to £25,000 is paid with an apprenticeship. Moreover, you earn recognised degrees by the states free of charge. Aspiring Data Scientists would find Data Fellowship ideal. Get to know the basics of a database, work on your technical skills and get some hands-on experience. Then, you can opt for the Advanced Data Fellowship program to develop your skills and proficiency in data science further. 



In today’s world of data, the jobs in data science promise great career advancement and monetary value for those in search of a lucrative career. We have found that data scientist salaries depend on the location, level of experience, the industry, and the skills involved. Entry-level data scientist jobs can start off at $50,000 and go as high as $130,000 for an executive. Equipped with the right skills and strategy, nothing will hinder one's six-figure salary insights as a data analyst. Data science as a career promises well-paying job opportunities and stability in the digital market for driven experts. Start investing in your data skills today and get a great job tomorrow. The professional rewards will be enough to make this effort worthwhile.