9 Ways To Avoid the Tech Lay-offs

Are you one of the numerous IT workers who are concerned about losing your job? Many IT professionals are on the lookout for the pink slip. As firms explore ways to decrease costs, many have turned to laying off employees. Numerous highly trained IT jobs employees have been given the pink slip and laid off in order to reduce costs. This is a corporate strategy to minimise expenses and increase profits in the worst economy since the Great Depression. It is nerve-racking for IT professionals, with many wondering if they will be the next to be laid off. There are things you can take to increase your value to the firm and reduce your chances of receiving a P45.

Be dependable

Attendance has always been vital and is now more so than ever. Arrive at work on time and do not leave early. When you were sick in the past, you might have called in sick. Do so only if you are unable to work. Businesses need workers they can rely on to show up to work every day, on time, and for the entire day.

Update your resume

While this will not help you keep your current work, it is a good idea to update your new resume before you need it if all else fails and you find yourself looking for new IT Jobs UK. As you're creating your new CV, pitch your prospective employer on how you've been a valuable asset to your current job. Provide examples of how you've assisted your past employers in making or saving money. Concentrate on the benefits you can provide your prospective job.

Educate yourself

Improve your employer's profit value by constantly updating your knowledge and abilities. Inquire with your direct supervisor or the human resources department about continuing education possibilities. Several employers provide tuition reimbursement. Another option is to contact the local chapter of your professional association. One of its many responsibilities is to provide members with continuing education. They're also a terrific source of up-to-date industry knowledge.

Become indispensable

Don't shut yourself away in your office or cubicle. Take a look around you. Take note of which positions, projects, or activities are receiving more attention or involvement from management. Find ways to become more active in these activities if you still need to be a member of a must-succeed endeavour. Request that you be transported to a vital area. When the pink slips are handed out, you'll be seen as an employee who goes above and beyond while protecting yourself from being laid off.

Keep your eyes & ears open

Working in a top IT Jobs setting requires you to be aware of the concentric and intersecting circles that human equations work in. You must learn to embrace oddities and eccentricities, to be open to behavioural variations, to take the high road more often than not, and to be an excellent team player in the dynamics of the diverse smorgasbord of attitudes and goals. Keeping your ears and eyes open also keeps you in touch with the primary source of knowledge about major events and changes in the works.

Be likeable

If you have a hard exterior, you should try to soften it up. Businesses seek people who can work effectively together and get along. Avoid expressing your displeasure about something. Don't be that person who always says no or has a dark cloud over their head. Respect your coworkers and attempt to assist others whenever possible.

Network again

The time to build your network is now, not when you need something. Create a list of friends and coworkers with whom you last spoke. Email them, but invite them out for coffee or lunch if your friendship is strong. Reconnect with a few folks per month until your entire list is updated and irrelevant connections are removed. Take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect and catch up on events in your business and market.

Stay positive

Keeping a cheerful attitude through stressful circumstances can be difficult. It is critical that you maintain a cheerful attitude even in difficult times. If you lose your cool when anything goes wrong, it suggests you need to learn how to control your reaction. Having a good attitude toward your career and your work is significantly less stressful, and it is what others need to see from you in times like these.

Prepare an exit strategy

Every job in today's volatile IT Jobs UK market is not permanent. Every executive requires a clever and strategic plan that allows her to maintain control over her career no matter what happens next. The exit strategy serves as a safety net and provides you with peace of mind. With a good exit strategy in place, you can lead, innovate, and challenge the existing quo without fear of jeopardising your position.


While there is no guarantee that you will keep your job during the layoffs, you can take steps right now to increase your financial worth to your existing company. You'll feel less nervous while you work to raise the value of your employees. You'll also be several steps ahead of your job-seeking competitors if you lose your employment.